The Biggest Sport Series in All of South America

In South America, you will find an outstanding love of sports that is unmatched by most countries. This country enjoys a wide range of sports. However, much the same as Europe and other areas, Association Football is the most popular. Even though it is similar to the sport most of us call, “soccer”. In fact, South America is also home to the longest running football tournament ever, which started in the early 1900s.

Beyond Association Football, or soccer, basketball is also hugely popular in South America. It holds the most fans in Venezuela, but other areas also love this sport. The country as a whole, has won medals in men’s basketball and been home to several titles for their basketball achievements.

If you visit Brazil, you may need to find a new love for volleyball as well as mixed martial arts. Argentina loves baseball and all different types of hockey. However, they have held the title of best team in Polo since early in the 1900s. Other areas love motor sports and there are several big name drivers that got their start in South America.

In South America, it all depends on where you are located as to what your favorite sport may be. In the Southern most area of South America, there is a lot of popularity in cricket. There is even a space for golf in the heart of the people who live here, although it is a newer sport in this area, it is rapidly gaining massive popularity throughout the whole country. There is also a golf tournament that tours around all of this beautiful country.

Basically, in South America, the biggest sport series is anything that brings competition to the game. They seem to enjoy competition and being the very best in all that they do. This leaves them open to have a variety of different sports that stand out and any one of them could be considered the most popular sport around. It simply depends on where you visit, where you live, and your personal preferences regarding sports.

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